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It all began in a little Hydroponic store in Tacoma Washington. Early on in the medical days I would donate time in exchange for garden equipment at my local hydro store. Day after day familiar faces would always come in asking for the best thing to kill bugs or powdery mildew. This was a common practice back then being as most medical patients trying to grow their own medicine would find themselves getting their starts from the local clone guys. It was also extremely common for those same clone guys to carry a plethora of bugs, mildew, and disease. We all know that there isn’t much you can do when you start a garden off with problems like any of those, similar to a wild fire just waiting to take down a forest.

Seeing this time and time again, I decided help with anything I could to assist my fellow medical patients success in producing medicine for themselves. That’s when I put up a small tent and attempted my first seed making project. I figured if I could give these guys a clean start from seed, and as long as they started with a clean room and didn’t bring anything foreign into their areas, they would no longer have to deal with disease or pest nuisances destroying their hard work.