Carebears F3

Carebears F3


Zkittles x Bluebear OG

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time – 8 – 9 Weeks average

Height – Up to 45 Inches

Harvest – XL

Grow Conditions – Grows well in Indoor and outdoor enviroments and can handle LST, and Topping (Do not recommend topping more than once unless grown in DWC)

10 Regular Seeds (male and female)

Type – Autoflowering.

Taste / Terpine profile – Fruit

THC – High

CBD – Low

CareBears Autoflower, is a Beautiful cultivar that grows well in all growing enviroments. Early in flower you will experience aromas of mixed fruit candy with skunky undertones. This strain produces frosty, thick, dense, large colas that start casting an aray of pink and purple hughes on the flower and smells of more ripened fruit and skunk towards harvest time.

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