Grimbastard OG

Grimbastard OG

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Solfire Gardens – Grim Bastard OG

Biker Kush V2 x Black Bananas

Flower Cycle: 56-63 days

Yield: Heavy

12 regular seeds per pack

Fragrance:Sweet Fuel

Size: Medium

Characteristics: Chunky, funky, and sweet fuel.Composed of delicious Biker Kush and the colorful Black Bananas, creating a medley of terps worthy of any outlaw riding through this world.

Area 51 Seeds are for novelty purposes. We fully comply with Federal and State Legislation. As a customer of Area 51 Seed Bank you agree to do the same. Should you fail to comply, Area 51 will not be held responsible. Area 51 Seeds contain no THC

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